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John Bromley

Founder and CEO, Chimp
Social Enterprise Speaker

About The Speaker

John Bromley, founder of multiple innovative businesses in the charitable sector, has dedicated his career to creating cultures of giving and facilitating benevolence. John grew up with charity at the core of his family’s values. After completing a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University and gaining experience in corporate finance with RBC Capital Markets and PricewaterhouseCoopers, he steered his entrepreneurial inclinations toward the charitable sector, partnering with his father, charity lawyer Blake Bromley, to co-found Benefic Group. This internationally recognized firm provides expert counsel in charity-related law, finance, strategy and policy in Canada and beyond.

John then focused his attention to working on a solution that makes it easier for people and corporations to be charitable. He founded Chimp (ch​aritable + imp​act). Chimp acts like a charitable bank; people and companies can start their own giving accounts full of tools to securely and cost effectively give money to or fundraise for any registered charity of the donor’s choice. John’s innovative thinking about how we use technology, social media and internet culture to change the way people interact with, transact with and learn about charity has made him a thought leader in the charitable sector, and a sought-after advisor and speaker around the world.