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Jess Tang

Outreach Coordinator and Assistant Program Director, SHAD Network
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Jess Tang is a passionate mentor, coach and friend, who believes that everyone should have a cheerleader in their corner. She is a big fan of recognizing leadership that's found in everyday moments and helping individuals realize their ability to leave a lasting impact on others.

Jess has travelled the country as a motivational speaker for high school and university students, and has been a debate/public speaking coach for over 5 years. She works as the Program Director for SHAD UBC, where she runs programming that helps gifted high school students realize their potential. Jess is passionate about helping people find, build and create powerful communities.

Jess is a proud UBC Sauder alumni - during her time as a student, she was Chairperson of Me Inc. Conference, Captain of JDC West and a 3 time Storm the Wall Champion