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Daniel Dubois

Founder, ShareShed + Guiides.com
Sharing Economy

About The Speaker

Daniel is a passionate adventurer and changemaker. Daniel is one of ten Canadian founders under the age of 25 that was chosen for The Next Big Thing Fellowship where he is an Entrepreneur in Residence at Hootsuite. Daniel is creating a world of unlimited access to adventure as the founder of ShareShed and Guiides.com.

Daniel also spoke on stage in front of 20,000 youth at We Day, directed a film series on the collaborative economy, received a monthly grant from the Austrian government to conduct research on the European sharing economy, and traveled to over 30 countries. Since arriving at TNBT Daniel has been named Top 30 Under 30, a Canadian G20 Delegate and the top student entrepreneur in Canada by Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

In the last month Daniel spoke at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Summit in China, completed a 100km race along the Great Wall, and spoke to both Justin Trudeau and Price William on the importance of access to outdoor adventure.